Maintaining connections with the source of our martial arts or teachers can be a logistical challenge.  However, your efforts to stay in touch, keep up with news, technique alterations or geneal rapport with your friends and buyu is a reflection of your motivation and commitment.  No excuses.  We cannot train in a bubble.  We need training partners, we need the connection, commraderie and community of our friends and dojo members.
A plane ride can be expensive.  Time off work and family can be limiting.  However, an email, a phone call or a postcard can bridge the gaps in time and geography more effectively than you think.  In the end, we can turn up to regular training at the very least.
We may not all be able to get to the hombu each year or take a trip to Europe or the U.S to train with the great teachers who reside there, but we can keep up to date with what's going on within the organisation's community and hombu.
Being down here in Oz can be limiting.  Even my teacher is 20 hours drive away in the next state.  But you can't afford to live your martial life as an island.  Stay hungry for knowledge.  Stay curious.  Stay informed.  Stay connected.

Travis de Clifford
Sessa Takuma Dojo


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