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Trajectory of Expectation

Time and time again, I get caught out by my trajectory of expectations. Whether it's with career, my children, relationships or training. Expectations hold the potential to trip us up. Really shits me! You? With an unchecked trajectory of expectations, they can soon become unrealistic and lead you to heartbreak in one way or another. Yet, without some goal or forward thinking in mind, we just become a ghost, floating through life, unable to ground ourselves in anything. 
Sensei reminds us each year about setting our intentions for the year of training ahead. His view, is that without a goal set in the new year, we meander through our keiko with no real focus.  He says this lack of focus is discernible in our movement. We move without intent, without determination and more importantly, without the mindset of Jissen (real combat).

I believe this to be true. I have had years during the past 21, where my training was a little 'auto-pilot'. Keiko, was just what I always did. I …

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