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"Why?", is a question we ask ourselves from time to time about our training, as a sign post of where we've come from and where we're going.  It's a healthy thing to do in life, as well as training.  I do it every so often to check in with myself as to why I'm still teaching and training.  I have many reasons to study Kobudo.  The order of importance changes with each passing year.  As a beginner, you will have had a myriad of reasons, such as, fitness, self-defence, community, discipline and so on.  As you clock up more years of training, I think you start to refine the reasons for stepping onto the mat each week.  It becomes more focused, perhaps.  The key is, to be authentically living your BUDO!

Are you training for you?  Perhaps you're training for fitness?  Are you training for your family and their safety?  Are you training for the recognition from others, hoping for some form of admiration?  Perhaps for the sense of belonging to something greater …

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