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My son, Taj, played a tennis tournament on the weekend.He knew what he wanted to work on, but what I had previously noticed, was his posture. When he was down a point or made an unforced error, his posture would display the inner reprimands and frustration.I suggested, that if he straightened his spine between points and kept his gaze and his head up, rather than looking at the ground or slouching his shoulders, he would not only signal a lack of worry or being frustrated at the score to his opponent, he would, more importantly, draw a positive mindset out of his own posture.
Posture affects our mental state tremendously and vice versa.It’s why a lot of meditation traditions advise you to straighten the spine when you sit.It’s not out of a need to be formal.  It’s to assist focusing the mind.  When our posture slouches, our mind slouches.  Once our eyes cast downwards, our head naturally and unconsciously tilts forward, and our spine follows.The overall physical state produces a mental…

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