A big thankyou to Travis for sacrificing his time and taking brilliant photos and also for exhausting his writing talent on creating a superb article. Well done brother!! A big thankyou to Vinod as well. Good job being uke and putting up with the retakes. Cheers!
I'm very happy the way the article turned out and look forward to the reaction it will generate (both negative and positive).
Hope you're all training hard!


Adam said…
You have a link bro!
Soemthing we can see?
Let me work on it, get back to you soon!
molly said…
please do. jamey mentioned it.
Travieso said…
Will have a copy of article & photo's via link or .pdf on here in two weeks time due to copyright from original publisher but in the meantime you can order a copy of the August edition online from their website
Thanks Trav, a plethora of info!
mario said…
cool article bro, thanks for the kind words! gambarimasu!
mario said…
Hi travis

if you have the pdf please send me.

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