Stop making excuses

I hear people around me talk about the future.  They are setting goals and making plans.  Awesome.  We all need plans and goals to run, walk or limp towards.
If only they didn't add the post-script of,
"Yeah, but I just have to do ........ first", or,
"I'm just waiting until ........ is over with," or,
"If only ........ would help me with that thing.  Then I could begin ........".
Life will continue to throw obstacles in the way of your most noble and inspiring goals.  Get used to this fact.  Stop waiting for that smooth pocket of life to pop up which might allow you the time and energy to do the things you've always wanted, ie: train more, travel more, meditate more, exercise more.  Do it now!  Before you know it, the fire to do it, the opportunity to do it or the right circumstances to manifest for you to do it comfortably will either be gone or never eventuate.
"The prime of your life does not come twice." - old Japanese saying.

Travis de Clifford
Sessa Takuma dojo


Janet Tucker said…
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Janet Tucker said…
Thanks for the nudge! Even though winter is coming, I'm going to face the cold and train this morning. Exhilarating!

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