Have finished our sessions of Nitojutsu with Manaka Sensei.  Unbelievably difficult techniques in terms of distancing, timing, footwork and intensity.  I am literally covered in bruises and have lost the skin off almost all knuckles.  I should have bought shares in band aids (plasters for those of you in other parts of the world ;))
Sensei is a little underwhelmed at our progress at times with some techniques, but we're trying to keep our level and skills up to the mark.  Mario, Eric and Oliver have no trouble in this regard.
On another note....our time outside the dojo has been full and very inetersting in terms of things to do and see.  We went to a sword exhibition last week!  On Wednesday night we performed a small embu at a temple for a friend of Eiko-san's, just beautiful to be in such a space.

Thursday we had a 1.5 hr tea ceremony with Sensei.  My knees are still aching, but such an amazing ceremony filled with so much detail and mindfulness.
Saturday we're going to see a private collection of rare weapons and swords and an antique store.  Sunday we're off for karaoke and sake with Sensei and Monday we're doing tameshigiri in a bamboo forest.  Amazing, have never done any real cutting.  Am nervous about the safety of manaka sensei's swords.  I would hate to bend or snap one (watch this space).  Jam packed trip.  I will need a holiday upon my return.

Travis de Clifford
Sessa Takuma


Adam Smith said…
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Adam Smith said…
Excellent Trav... Sounds like you are moving ahead in leaps and bounds, congratulations. Also wonderful to read of the cultural experiences you are having which I'm sure is terrific icing to great keiko. The photos are looking great, keep having a fantastic time.

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