As most of you already realise, zanshin is in integral part of training in Jissen Kobudo. Time & again we've heard Morris extoll to us the benefits and absolute necessity to hold our zanshin throughout keiko. Without it, we're just playing 'warriors'.
Keiko, last night was a session of fine tuning our ukemi, kamae & waza. Heartfelt intent to refine our movement (and ultimately, character) & diligent zanshin helped make it come to fruition. Osu!

Travis de Clifford
Sessa Takuma


Sensei says that Zanshin is the omega to the alpha, the end to the beginning and without it nothing is really completed or finished, but simply half-baked. Zanshin extends into one's daily life by means of being conscientious and aware of what you are doing and making doubly sure that you have done everything necessary to finish properly. Examples of this are; being sure you have turned off taps in the house, switched off the lights, turned off the heater, locked the door. I have often seen Sensei check and double doors, lights and windows before leaving the dojo, constantly looking around the place in case there is something we or he may have missed. Vigilance is something quite natural to him now.

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