Good Friday! ;)

Friday night, Vin and I met for keiko at the usual spot.  We knew no one else was coming so we got straight into our warm up. conditioning, fudoken, geri, ukemi etc.  We were able to focus on a few important finer points of alignment and moved on to the Shoden of Koto Ryu.  We took our time and went through the first four techniques.  Having only the two of us meant that we could set our own pace, discuss a little of the important points and really get into the meat and bones of the techniques.  It's great to have multiple training partners in the dojo, but sometimes just you and one other is all you need to get some really good value from your training.  Obligatory dumplings and noodles in China Town finished off a great night.  See you all next week! Osu!

Sessa Takuma


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