Today (7th of July)

Today is Tanabata in Japan. I believe it is originally a chinese festival where the boy shepherd and the girl weaver, who have been separated for the past year, are able to finally unite, get it on and then say goodbye before the stars and planet begin a new astral alignment and consequently sequester each of them to their respective domains (could be wrong).
Started the day with Tacfit warrior (6 sets of tabata), some stretching and mobility drills downstairs in the dojo. Already sweaty and buggered I decided to get some brekkie, albeit a late one, at Jusco. Lotus plant tempura, ham schnitzel, crab croquette, a rice ball and about 2 litres of fluids. Finished with a kohi float (coffee ice thing) and a book in the local food court. Back to hombu, crashed for a couple hours and awoken by Kato-san. Immediately, before handshake or anything, I receive a hachimaki that Mario has sent to me when they were there last in Belgium. It has in 4 kanji print, Sessa Takuma. Cool. So I take it that this was probably sent to Belgium (order maybe) then passed on to me, courtesy of Kato san, here in Japan. Very grateful and with a deep Rei - Dank U, Mario!
Sensei shortly arrives afterward, we have a chat, I brag about my job and its benefits, make them laugh a little, talk about the latest ailments, radiation, family, seiko etc. and then proceed downstairs to start keiko. Bob subsequently arrives, we gi and hakama up, and get going. In a sentence, people, keiko was this: One hour and forty-five minutes of Iai. Yes, that's right. Sheer and unadulterated Iai. Corrections galore, profuse amounts of sweat excreted, some frustration and plenty of smiles from Sensei. Lots to show you people when I get back. Shiho-giri refinements plus the new and much talked about Tsubame Gaeshi. The latter is very short, sharp and sweet. Swiftness and agility are essential and the movements are nothing but exquisite. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
There are no wasted movements,


Travis said…
Looking forward to seeing this new iai kata & having a go when you return. Osu!

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