8th of July

Spent today roaming Kashiwa and its limited pockets of fun and amusement. Espresso Frappucino, a $10 haircut, pasta for lunch (bolognese carbonara fused dish, which incidentally, I ate with waribashi - disposable chopsticks), a macha frappucino and then met with Eric, boarded the Tobu Noda train for Noda. 20 minutes later we alight and begin the 30 minute hike to the station.
After a warm up and chat, Sensei enters, changes and we begin practising some Tsubame Gaeshi whilst waiting for Bob to arrive.
Bob arrives shortly after, we bow in and begin.
Anyways.....Keiko again was hot, intense and somewhat frustrating. We worked on the three first kata of the geiryaku to the finest degree possible. Eric is now bothering me upstairs with mindless chit-chat so will have to let you all go. Stay tuned!


You know how i go on...
Travis said…
Dude! Am loving the travel/keiko journal!!! Keep it coming. Am living vicariously through your experiences...once again. Hope you're well.

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