Intelligent fighting

I'm not too sure where I heard this or it may have been something that I pieced together via osmosis regarding Ryu-ha and uke.
If one looks at the attacks which uke commit to, one will notice that they are not simple or basic, nor are they mundane or unrealistic. If we take for example, Keto from the Joryaku no maki, one will see that the attacking uke attacks feints with kick and then immediately proceeds with fudoken tsuki to men. This by itself can be viewed as cunning and deceiving and thus very good practise for the tori, whereupon one learns to deal with hidden and surreptitious attacks. Upon further analysis, however, we can then, as uke, increase the stakes by in fact placing a committed zempo-geri, pulling back at the last moment and continuing with fudo-ken. Thus people, the feint is not really a feint but more a nimble and speedy correction of a foiled plan of attack. Uke, as you will notice is not simply a product of telegraphic, obtuse and mindless attacks but of something more purposeful, intelligent, constructed and trained.


Travis said…
Thanks Moz. Great food for thought

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