Doing justice to this 'intelligent fighting'

Continuing from my last post, I'd like to discuss how one can fulfil or manifest this idea or philosophy of intelligent attacking when you are 'uke'. During keiko I think it is wise and definitely behooves us to train hard, realistically but also rationally. If you as uke must punch or kick, one should be thinking about really kicking or punching and nothing else. If this not adhered to then keiko (as you've heard relentlessly from other dojo-cho) becomes insipid, insubstantial and nothing is gained from it. You also discredit the intelligent nature of the attack and commit a great disservice to your partner. Control of course, must be administered as safety for you and your partner is of the utmost priority. Punch and kick straight. If your opponent, for some reason hasn't moved or evaded then lessen the blow or simply stop it short right at their chin, nose or cheek. You both will realise whether tori has moved efficiently or not. When throwing, train your entry as fast and as explosively as you can. The goal is to raise your opponent off their feet or to displace or disrupt balance. Once this happens, control must be exercised and you must really learn how to place your opponent down carefully until they and you become more proficient.
"The training should be harder than the real thing but shouldn't be more dangerous" (Scott Sonnon)


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