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Something off topic but definitely related is the topic of food. Having just come back from the supermarket and putting my groceries away I begun to reflect on peoples (and my) dietary habits. During my time in the queue at the supermarket I am often able to predict what the person in front of me has on the conveyer belt or if what I see on the belt is indicative of the person buying. Most times I'm right and most times I'm appalled. People shopping with kids filling their trolleys with high in fat, high in sugar products and buying bundles of it. I don't understand how they can do it. When one thinks about it the consequences of constantly ingesting this stuff can lead to dire consequences and thus may be considered of form of suicide! We also now beginning to learn more and more the strain this can present to the medical industry and other forms of public services. Of course one could argue that it is the government's (and other regulating bodies) fault and we are not to blame and blah, blah. I believe that people with high self-efficacy (e.g. us martial artists) can do better than this, choose our food correctly, research and buy and cook wisely. I personally have started a veggie patch in front of my bungalow that is going well and try to eat as healthily as possible (well 90% of the time anyway). If you catch me off guard please remind me;)
Manaka Sensei by the way, follows a strict Japanese diet of pickled vegetables, rice, curry and spicy korean foods. I have never seen nor heard him eating hamburgers, ice-cream and other western 'poisons'. One most remember that the Japanese cuisine traditionally is very healthy, low in fat and contains a good balance of proteins and carbohydrates.
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Rheis said…
Very good article! The point made about bad foods almost being suicide is a powerful statement that i too believe and share with people i know. It really is unbelieveable in the sense that all food now a days is processed. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals grown in our soil that are meant to be good for us are laced with pesticeds and other chemicals in order to grow and deter bacteria. Though these are the chemicals that also lead do cancer and other health problems. The problem is then enhanced by the fact that the government jacks up the prices of organic food by such a substantial amount that those of us on average incomes simply cannot afford it. And the general public are either so missinformed or simply naive to the contents in their shopping trollies high in sugar, saturated fats, bad, opposed to good carbohydrates & artificial sweeteners. All we can do as martial artist or athletes is do our best with the so called "good food" that is on our shelves.

alcohol=poison but acceptable, smoking=poison but acceptable, processed and refined foods=poison but acceptable....all leading to a shorter life span. But dont you think about killing yourself quickly!!! Cause that is definately unacceptable!It does make one face the the harsh reality that it seems, quick suicide is illegal, but it seems killing yourself slowly is not only morally but socially acceptable. How does this make any sense at all? What a world we live in!

Rheis Kasteel

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