How are you all? Well I hope and all fired up about keiko! There are times when I can't stop thinking about it and even during work and school I get jittery and ended dropping my hips and rocking side to side (ADHD?). There was something that popped up in my last night at work that I wanted to discuss, but as with most creative endeavours, 'if you don't write them down there and then, they just float away!'. It'll come back I'm sure. For now though I'll just continue this reverie based on enthusiasm.

Random memory: Shawn Havens (now resigned as Dojo-Cho) would practise Kihon To-Ho every morning in earnest, committing to 100 or more reps! That boys and girls equates to 700+ cuts! He would do this first thing every morning.

Another impressive test in discipline and commitment is the Kosei Yugoh (formerly Yasuragi Dojo) Hatsu Keiko in New York. I would love to attend this one day and am waiting as patiently as my anxious self will allow me for that day.
Check this link out people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV1rvc9BzaE


g_love said…
I thought you should know that I was inspired by your memory of my old dojo cho, so this morning I did 40 sumo squats and then 30 kihon toho reps. The day I reach 100 will be a sweet one :)
Lets make a bet right now that if you can continue to do them every second day, adding just one rep to the last set of the previous session should get you there in about 5 to 6 months! Just one extra every second day. Not too hard. Come on! Makenaide - Gambare!

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