Good stuff!!

Well done with last night fellas! That randori is coming along nicely. Remember that progressive, positive resistance is key. There's no point exerting 100% force, tensing your muscles till your puffed and not giving any leeway. Sometimes you have to give to receive. In kata we allow openings, invite our opponent to enter and have them commit to a move in order for the plan to succeed. This midrange grappling randori will develop sensitivity, awareness and confidence. Allow this to happen by keeping your composure and explore options. As with all endevours in this art, we never ever want to tense and keep tension in our shoulders (or upper body regions for that matter). Sensei tells us time and time again that this puts excessive attention in our arms hence preventing us from fluid footwork and moving efficiently. This energy must be focused in tanden and in the legs, thus think 'low' instead of 'high' and focus on moving from your centre, maintain balance and good posture. Most importantly relax, keep your composure, explore, give a little and enjoy!!


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