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Randori is definitely one of the more difficult entities in our art (or in any for that matter). Sensei has told us that there are four or so levels and each of them must practiced diligently before proceeding to the next. I find it challenging, confronting, somewhat frustrating but without a doubt, exciting;) Randori will show you how cool and collected you really are, how well you can move, what your weakpoints are and whether your feet are asleep or not. It is also a great exercise for the attacker as it gives you a feel of dynamic movement, quick changes in direction, learning to react if your opponent steps to your blind side and also what it feels like to connect and hit (with control of course!)....Stay relaxed, keep calm, maintain zanshin and no matter what happens try not to cuss at yoourself...
As we are just beginning, remember to close the angle and enter in to your opponents side then yoko aruki away to a safe position. Either 45 back (which have practiced extensively with ichimonji no kata) or 45 (or sharper) inwards. Do not open up your angle. Once we have become fluent with this we will incorporate hands. Sensei always says, "In the beginning just feet, keep your hands to the side. If we use our hands without mastering our feet, tension will build in our shoulders and we will lose focus of tanden and therefore our feet!"
Remember this..
Keiko Ikkan


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