Although you are coming along rather nicely, I would like to again stress the importance of fitness and more so conditioning. As I have gone through possibly 80% of all kata with Sensei, one thing that I have found extremely important is conditioning, i.e. strength, flexibility, stamina and the ability to take a pounding or a solid fall and keep coming back up. I have seen many all over the world, who have done their absolute best to perform kata only to be disheartened by lack of strength, flexibility, not enough 'heart' or to much 'pride'. As warriors you must be able to train around injuries (to the best of your discretion) and endure through the keiko session or the fight. Take a break if needed to tape up, stretch out or massage, but keep in mind that there is no quarter given in combat. This may sound a little sensational, but as you all know, this the direction of our sessa takuma dojo. Osu!!
Keep it going strong, little chatter and an abundance of TANREN!!


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