Bojustu (beginning)

Remember to keep low, move from tanden, and enact all strikes like your fudo ken.
Elbows in tight and attack with your whole body! Manaka Sensei trained this weapon more than
any other and has some interesting anecdotes.
Always grab haji or saki (end) and keep in mind that the battle bo would have had spikes and metal knobs at the end of them for more striking impact and thus wouldn't have allowed you to grab the end.


Travis said…
After keiko w/ the Bo again last night, I've appreciated just how crucial leg strength & conditioning is to affect proper movement & striking power.

Without correct use of the feet, legs & hips, the rest of our movement, whether taijutsu or weapons, is secondary.

Even the first technique in the Shoden - "Chudan Kangi", is strewn with enough technical & insightful details to maximize use of the Rokushakubo, that many sessions could be spent on fine tuning this seemingly simple kata.
2 techniques with a myriad number of subtleties and details. Adding realism from the motodachi is just as seemingly difficult.

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